The Global Vote Launched

Simon Anholt, an independent policy advisor who worked with the Heads of State and Heads of Government of more than fifty countries over the last twenty years, author of the Good County Index and the leader of the Good Country party, has announced his new Global Vote media-service is launched.

By virtue of the Global Vote, for the first time in history, anybody on the planet can vote in the election of any country on earth, starting from UK EU referendum coming on June 23, 2016. When done, all votes will be counted, and the numbers shared as widely as possible. Even though nobody can actually be elected by the voting, the whole process is designed to send the strongest message possible to candidates and voters: today, people in power aren't just responsible for their own citizens, they share responsibility for the whole of humanity.

“Why should we care who runs other countries? Because to make the world work, we need a world of good leaders. Leaders who consider the needs of every man, woman, child and animal on the planet, not just their own voters,” said Simon Anholt. “We, the rest of the world, will achieve this aim by reminding each candidate that we’re here, we care, and we’re watching. We need them to do the right thing for their own country and for the whole of humanity, if they are elected.”

According to Anholt, his aim is extremely ambitious, and always the same: to get at least one more person voting outside the country than there are 'official' voters inside the country. “Every time we manage this, the world has changed a little bit, and it becomes harder and harder for people to ignore the message we're sending out: democracy within countries is not enough. In a globalised world, we need international democracy.”

Official partners

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