Youth's outlook on BRICS to be discussed in Moscow

An international conference under the rubric “Youth’s outlook on future cooperation and interaction between the BRICS countries” is scheduled to take place in Moscow on 31 October. The event is organised by the National BRICS Research Committee and the BRICS Youth Expert Society (“BRICS YES!”).

The purpose of the conference is to facilitate a cross-cultural, economic and multi-civilizational dialogue among or between young leaders and researchers from the BRICS countries. The event is expected to attract undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as alumni of Russian universities under 30. In addition any young specialists from Brazil, India, China and South Africa who are willing to make presentations will be able to deliver them via videoconferencing.

During the event young researchers will have a chance to share their vision as to how the financial, economic and cross-civilizational cooperation between the BRICS countries is going to develop. The participants are expected to develop a common understanding of the new BRICS cooperation paradigm and to formulate new and improved mechanisms of cooperation between the BRICS nations from the youth’s perspective as well as new ideas on how to integrate these mechanisms across these five countries.

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