Helsinki will be held Summit of Young Leaders of Europe and BRICS

On June 8-9, 2015 in the capital of Finland - Helsinki - will host the first young leaders Euro-BRICS Summit. The event will bring together youth delegations from the EU, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Russia and the candidate countries for accession to the EU and partner countries. In addition to youth leaders, diplomatic session will be attended by members of parliament and ministries of Europe and BRICS.

Initiator of the Summit - European Laboratory of Political Anticipation (LEAP), based in France and personally its leader - Marie-Helene Caillol. Euro-BRICS project was launched in 2009, it aims to expand the EU's cooperation with developing economies. Partners of Laboratory in Russia are MGIMO University and the BRICS research committee.

The idea of ​​large-scale project has came to organizers now not by the chance. According to their concepts, there was a serious crisis which marked the year 2014 appeared in relations between Russia and the EU.

The multipolarity of the XXIst century world is neither good or bad, it is a fact which policy-makers must address with optimism and rationality in order to organize it so that today’s multipolar world doesn’t look like Europe in the 1930s. More generally, the Euro-Russian crisis clearly signal that the system of global governance is breathless and that it is now a matter of emergency to reform, see rebuild, it in order to avoid – or at least limit in duration – a loss of control of the geopolitical situation.

Marie-Helene Caillol believes that Russia is a bridge between Europe and BRICS.

"This event is extremely ambitious and somewhat historic. It intends to inaugurate a new way of making international relations in the XXIst globalised and internet-connected world:

  • involving citizens in an attempt to prove that democracy and global governance are compatible
  • involving young civil society representatives based on the assumption that "the youth have a priority on the future"
  • addressing directly challenges ahead of us at a time when official political and institutional systems seem to find it difficult to put the world on the right tracks, a task in which the energy of young leaders and citizens can be instrumental

The XXth century has invented globalisation and internet, has destroyed borders, has asserted the instrumentality of democracy. In Helsinki on June 8-9 2015, Euro-BRICS young leaders will prove that they were worth this great effort", - says Caillol.

The key speakers of the Summit are State Secretary of Portugal Bruno Masaesh, Ambassadors of India, Italy, Bulgaria, South Africa, members of the parliaments of European countries, representatives of ministries and major universities. Diplomatic session consists of seven sections, which will run in parallel: Democracy - Peace - Mobility - Contemporary - Sustainability - Innovation - Multiculturalism. For each one delegates will discuss the most appropriate conveniences of the interaction of the entire world community and how to confront global challenges facing humanity.

General goals of the Summit are findings of the presentations and discussions that will result from each of these topics will provide the input for strategic recommendations to be forwarded to G20, BRICS and European decision makers and representatives.

The information partner from Russia is Business Club "Government. Science. Business" that characterizes a model in which can successfully operate these 3 major areas.

After the business program in Finland it is planned to visit St. Petersburg in the framework of the year of Russia's presidency in BRICS. In the northern capital, Europe and BRICS representatives will meet with the Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko, visit city administration and take part in a round table in St. Petersburg State University. During the cultural program, delegates will also participate in the celebration of Day of Russia on June12.

Official partners

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