BRICS Business Magazine’s New Website

BRICS Business Magazine launched the new version of its website. All articles and features of the second issue as well as news of the project itself are now available for reading and download. The contents of the website will be updated simultaneously with the release of each new issue.

The new website is an intermediate stage that will be followed by the launch of the BRICS Online, an international web portal that will combine the functions of an information provider, a center for analytical expertise, and a forum for discussing and promoting the “BRICS agenda” – the most comprehensive investigation of the political, economic and humanitarian development of the emerging markets.

The BRICS Online portal will consist of three equally important communication resources. “Bridging Communities” will become a meeting place for representatives of the BRICS business and professional communities, where they will access the entire spectrum of existing practices, share problem-solving experience and sketch the contours of the new, post-Western world. “Guiding Investors” will furnish global investors with real-life expertise on entering new markets, descriptions of in-country and regional specifics, insider tips and insights. “Leading Nations” will cater to politicians, scientists, global and local think-tanks.

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