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BRICS is expanding. From 2024, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will be full members of BRICS. The Declaration of the 15th BRICS Summit in South Africa also tasked the member states’ foreign ministers “with further developing the BRICS partner country model and the list of prospective partner countries”. BRICS+ will thus be taking shape as “Friends of BRICS”, with various forms of cooperation to be developed within its framework. One of the key areas is trade liberalization, opening up member states’ markets to their partners. There is much still to be done in this area, including at the legislative level, but the trend is evident: the economies of BRICS countries and their Friends are becoming increasingly interrelated.

This is beneficial for doing business: BRICS+ country companies are receiving good opportunities for entering receptive new markets with favourable conditions. The same applies to the fashion industry, which is being decentralized as voices from emerging markets are added to the conventional “fashion capitals” that set global trends. The key idea is for the countries of the alliance to develop their own fashion industries, bring their industries to the global scene and create a new ecosystem. What will it be like? What can the fashion industries of BRICS+ countries offer one another? The participants in the BRICS+ Fashion Summit will be seeking answers to these and many other questions.

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit had to move beyond the BRICS framework and bring together participants from over 50 fast-developing partner markets to discuss topical issues faced by the global fashion industry and domestic industries of BRICS+ countries. No forum of this amplitude and format has ever been held and the BRICS+ Fashion Summit, to be hosted by the Government of Moscow, should provide a key link between BRICS+ countries, as well as an effective, interactive discussion platform.

The Forum will have a five-day business programme, including three days of thematic discussions on matters of vital importance for the fashion industry.
The theme of the Forum’s day 1 is “Cooperation” because matching of new partners and markets is the precise intention of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit. The participants will discuss how to develop new avenues of cooperation between designers and manufacturers from BRICS+ partner countries, how to promote their brands on other countries’ markets, how to access international marketplaces and jointly form a responsible commitment to the environment and socio-ethical aspects of the fashion industry.

The theme of day 2 is “Entrepreneurship”. What are the competencies required for a fashion entrepreneur? How can you accelerate your brand’s growth and attract investors? How to choose the right price segment? Leading industry experts will share their knowledge about these and other matters during the BRICS+ Fashion Summit. Their advice will help both novices and experienced entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and choose a correct strategy for promoting their business.

Day 3 of the business programme will be devoted to “Technologies”. Innovations are becoming an integral part of all fashion industry areas, from designer processes to consumer experience.  Moreover, the digital world is becoming increasingly embedded in the real life of consumers. How is technology changing the fashion realm? Is artificial intelligence capable of replacing fashion designers, journalists and influencers? Will conventional fabrics lose their advantages and relevance? These and other interesting discussions will provide an opportunity to look to the future and find answers to many of today’s questions there.

Days 4 and 5 will continue the discussion of the subjects covered by the BRICS+ Fashion Summit headliners, fashion brand case studies, building of manufacturing processes, successful advertising secrets and other practical aspects of the industry.

An important part of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit will be an international fashion intensive course called ‘Globalization in the Fashion Industry. Local Concepts in Creating a Successful Global Brand’. The course will be delivered by specialists from Russia, China, India, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa and other global leading fashion schools.

During the Summit, designers and brands creating signature collections of garments and accessories will be able to display their works in the B2B showroom, introducing them to the professional audience. The BRICS+ Fashion Summit will also feature fashion shows in which international and Russian designers will participate, and also a fashion film festival.

All the BRICS+ Fashion Summit activities aim to inspire and unite industry leaders and workers within a single event for making key decisions, establishing partnership links, sharing experience, developing new global markets and promoting domestic industries. This will enable the BRICS+ Fashion Summit to become a starting point for consolidating the creative and economic status of BRICS+ countries in the world of fashion.

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