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Fashion film was initially an advertising tool for supporting seasonal collections. Today, it is an independent video art genre that has grown into a huge industry. It has even earned itself a separate event at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit – the World Fashion Shorts Festival.

Fashion shorts stand fashion and cinema, advertising and video art all converge. They constitute the biggest trend in today’s fashion marketing and digital art, used by both young designers at the start of their careers and by big corporations. On the one hand, fashion films emerged in response to a loss of trust in the too obtrusive and calibrated traditional advertising. On the other hand, they came in the wake of developing digital technologies and experiments by fashion photographers, cameramen and directors with such technologies.
Fashion films are not just films showing clothing. “Fashion in cinema is either crude product placement or collaboration between production designer and costume designer. As a rule, the clothes shown in films are already on sale and the purpose of such films is to drive demand. Fashion films, in contrast, can actually inspire trends among garment industry professionals,” says Vladislav Ananishnev, Deputy President of the Jury, La Boheme Cinema international film festival. Fashion film is always a special message from a brand to the world. Without doubt, it should inspire the viewer to buy the product, while telling the story in a completely non-advertising manner, sharing the vibe and not representing a collection. In fact, any fashion film, even a low budget one based on a conceptual idea, become a viral video, gain millions of views and be shown at international festivals. This makes the genre a unique tool precisely for young designers, as well as a perfect career launch pad for a director, photographer or stylist.
At the BRICS+ Fashion Summit’s World Fashion Shorts Festival, professionals will share their experience of directing and filming fashion short films. Presentation of the national code through the lens of fashion films will play a special part at the Festival. The event will feature a variety of speakers, including Ksenia Mosaleva, Founder and Director of Belarus International Fashion Film Festival, David Fernandez Martinez Lugo (aka Dfaniks), Founder of Cinettica International Fashion Film Festival, and Bench Bello, Head of Manila International Fashion Film Festival. Vladislav Ananishnev, Deputy President of the Jury of La Boheme Cinema international film festival, and Adrian Lazarus, Director of Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in South Africa, will also join the event.

“We are looking for avant-garde designers who see fashion film as a tool for presenting fashion as a form of art, a special language of cinematography where the leading role is allotted to the clothes, not the narrative.”
          David Fernandez Martinez Lugo (aka Dfaniks), Founder of Cinettica International Fashion Film Festival

Intended mostly for industry professionals, the World Fashion Shorts will also resonate with a broader audience who follow the latest trends in fashion and video art.

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