Stabilizing the System

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BRICS is growing bigger and stronger, and its member states’ economies are developing differently from those in Europe or the USA – developing in their own way, which may not look like what we commonly think of as the only right one. And what happens in this context with pattern design, clothing and art may be referred to as decolonization of design.

For example, African and Asian cultural heritage has been used in fashion for a long time but it used to be transformed to fit the European view of the world. Now, artists are no longer concerned about how they can use African art in the European school of design; instead, they think about how to preserve its unique visual language. This is a different mindset, a search for a local identity.
The priority task today is to stabilize the system, restart business processes, build and develop new ties with suppliers. It is to explore continuously the state of the society and upgrade the product portfolio accordingly, to find a foothold in national culture and traditions, giving them a new meaning and creating a new visual language.
We already use AI in creating fabric designs. For now, we use it mostly to build a drawing composition but artificial intelligence will partially replace artists in the near future.  Sales and promotion rely on analytics, and use of AI-based digital algorithms in this segment is growing rapidly.
At our Solstudio Industry factory, we blend all these aspects with digital textile printing technology, which is currently the greenest way to apply patterns to fabric, as it uses water-soluble dyes and helps save water and electricity. This produces outstanding results, and we look forward to further improvements in AI technology.  

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